Shark Shark Tuna charter fishing offers Cape Cod residents and visitors a wicked on the water experience they will never forget. With Captain Shane’s passion for fishing combined with his extensive knowledge of the Cape’s surrounding waters and species,  SST clients become hooked for life. Imbedded within the Cape’s unique natural structures are the labrador currents that flow down from the North and the gulf stream waters that come up from the south merging together to create a fantastically fertile bait zone attracting tuna, striped bass, bluefish, sharks and more.  We have a large population of whales, porpoises and sea turtles in this area as well.  At times all of these fish and animals come together to create giant feeding frenzies known as blitzes.Our pristine beaches and landlocked attractions offer just a tiny taste of Cape Cod.  Fishing our waters under the guidance of Capt. Shane opens up an oceanic wonderland that fish fantasies are made of.  Experience Cape Cod charter fishing with Shark Shark Tuna on your next vacation to enjoy the bounty of Cape Cod Bay or the Atlantic Ocean.  Clear skies, salt air, majestic views and rhythmic waves, fish with us for an experience you’ll never forget.