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Review of Shark Shark Tuna Fishing ChartersReviewed 2 days ago

“Often times a man goes fishing when it’s not truly a fish that he is after.”

I grew up on Cape Cod, but when I turned 18 I moved away so it’s been a while since I’ve been out on the ocean here. My oldest memories are being a kid on my fathers 26 foot Sea Ray and fishing horseshoes sholes for Blues.

So it was very symbolic for me and sentimental to be back on the same waters with my Son 35 years later. We’ve done a lot of Charter Fishing together, from all over the world. Mexico, Bali, Vietnam, Costa Rica, and then more local like the Gulf Coast and in the West Coast.

But there’s something about Cape Cod fishing that isn’t like any other place in the world you can fish!

Charter Fishing is one of those activities were you got to be prepared to spend a lot of money with no guarantees of success. Course, a bad day fishing is still better than a good day at the Ofiice. However, every now and then you get the opportunity to manifest what I call “the perfect day”

“Perfect day” is when everything aligns and synchronizes to create the ultimate fishing experience! The ingredients of my perfect day with Captain Shane and Shark Shark Tuna was first of all having my Son with me that came in from New Mexico to celebrate his 31st birthday on the ocean.
Then the weather cooperated, created one of those beautiful sunshine days were the temperature was 70° …the skies were clear… the ocean was smooth and the air was fresh and crisp.

Another component for our perfect day was having a professional knowledgeable respectful and passionate Captain. Capt. Shane is all that! 
We felt like we were hanging with a close friend not on some charter. And he doesn’t have any fake personality or false persona.

The final and last ingredient to the perfect day,
was nonstop landing striped bass! When I say nonstop I mean, in the half day trip that we were out there, we had about half a dozen double hitters and brought up a ton of BIG Stripers! We only kept the limitation requirements of course and catch and released all the others but had SO MUCH FUN!!! Just amazing positive energy throughout the whole experience.

And everything was absolutely flawless!!!

What’s really nice is when you can make a human connection with the Captain. So by the time we were done it was more like making a really good new friend than a business transaction.

Captain Shane’s boat was spotless and very comfortable and in tiptop shape. You can tell he really cares about his “office”.

I’m trying to find some constructive criticism that I can offer but the truth is there was nothing that I would change. Everything was just perfect. In fact the only thing that was disappointing was when I had to say goodbye after just an amazing fishing experience!

There’s a lot of options here on the Cape when it comes to picking a Charter Fishing Trip. There’s a lot of different boats to choose from.

I give my highest highest rating and review and recommendation for Captain Shane. Because you can rely on him giving 110% to making sure that your experience with him is the best it could possibly be! He has won awards of excellence from TripAdvisor and has one of the highest rankings on Cape Cod on yelp, but beyond that trust your intuition and know that your perfect day awaits you with Captain Shane and Shark Shark Tuna.